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It's getting a tad congested in here...

When we first started, our business didn't rely on reviews. Since early 2017 we've been getting plenty of reviews.

The uncensored ones get placed on this site when clients wish to contribute, the censored ones go to Google or Yelp. For the sake of simplicity and to use the space on the main page for main page info only, we decided to create a reviews page and put all uncensored reviews here in it.

Unlike many sites that use "reviews" with generic names to push their services all of ours can be traced right back to whoever put them up. No shit.

What our clients are saying about our advocacy & results

Thanks to A Clean Slate my family is getting a house!!!!

Super excited!!!!!!!!

I just wanted to take this time to thank you for all your hard work. Your service from start to finish has been exemplary and on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level that far exceeds most agencies I have dealt with. Not only has my scores went up an average of 50 points, but you cleaned up a lot of collection accounts/ derogatory inquiries. I have recommended A clean slate to everyone I know!

Thanks Again from the Paschal Family!

Vonda Lenton-Paschal - Miami, FL. Client since 2019

What our clients are saying about our results

I have never encountered a professional company that talks like this, but it's damn refreshing. Human and upfront. The main slogan drops the F word and they conduct commerce with things like: "we do for credit repair what implants did for your sister". Who can say this proudly and still kick ass for less than what others charge to create a file or look at your stuff? Never again the others. Bad-ass mofo.

Roberto "Bobby" Carrillo- Miami, FL., Client since 2018

What our clients are saying


ATTN: A Clean Slate Credit Consultants, Of Miami, FL

Dear Mr. Antonio Armenteros, Owner/Founder/CEO/Equal Rights Activist/Philanthropist/Donkey Show Host/Shazam-ing FUCKING Magician Miracle Worker!!!

I write to you on this VERY fine Wednesday morning, April 3, 2019 to express my IMMENSE, and nearly immeasurable GRATITUDE for your stellar, unprecedented, credit repair (full-on REHAB in my case) services!!!

The dedication and unrelenting efforts you've put forth on my behalf, and surely all of your clients, is UNPARALLELED!!!

After the hours and days I spent online weeding through the multitude of companies who're scammers, thieves, and unethical financial rapists to hunt down the very best of the best; a reliable, ethical, legit, credit repair company (that I could ACTUALLY AFFORD!) I was clearly, and most definitely led by the hand of GOD (whom I'm also indescribably grateful to), as I was blessed infinitely by discovering and hiring YOU!!! 😁❤

I'm so VERY EXTREMELY THANKFUL, and forever indebted to you as your endeavors have RESCUED ME from impending bankruptcy, endless financial strife and instability, nagging relentless anxiety, inability to plan for future investments or gains like homeownership, incessant shame and embarrassment due to borrowing from/leaning on family (at 40!) nearly every time unexpected financial burdens have befallen me.

At this moment, I AM CELEBRATING YOU and your business Mr. Armenteros!!!

For the 1st time in roughly 15 years, I've just activated a newly issued UNSECURED credit card!!! 😁 Only a few short months ago I was laughed at and DENIED every single secured card on the planet!!! ALL my scores are in the mid-600's, and steadily CLIMBING!!!

In essence, YOU'VE 100% SAVED ME!!!


Tara Frenzel Nelson,

Client for LIFE

Tara Nelson, Arlington, TX - Client Since 2018-19

What our clients are saying about our results

You think outside the box and definitely broke the mold. You are seriously for real.

C. Adams, Cape Coral, FL. - Client since 2018

What our clients are saying about our website & features

Your site is easy to navigate and as brilliant as you.

Maria Fuentes - Colombus, GA. Client since 2018

What our clients are saying about our results

Thank you for holding my hand through this, it seemed too big and scary to do on my own. I used to get panic attacks just thinking about my credit issues, but now am happy with my results seeing improvements in so short a time.

Crystal Wren - Seattle WA. Client since 2018

What our clients are saying about our results

...Thank you for your continued work in helping me to improve these scores. It is clearly working and I could not be more pleased. :)

Taja R. S. - Central Florida. Client since 2018

What our clients are saying

What can I say about the work that A Clean Slate does that hasn’t already been said? This process has hands down been the best experience I have ever had, not just with a credit consultant, but with a service company period. The founder will take your calls and makes this process so simple that all you have to do is sit back and watch your credit score rise. Your involvement consists of some phone conversations and opening up a browser. They have made this process enjoyable. I know right, cleaning up your credit is enjoyable. I’ve recommended them to everyone I know.

Jon Christensen, US ARMY Vet, Klamath, OR - Client Since 2018

What our clients are saying

They are the greatest very friendly and professional helpful and keep it real with you. Keep you abreast of everything that goes on assist you when you need it, I love working with them they are better than the other credit repair companies. Real results do not bullshit. Thanks, keep up the marvelous work!

Alika Assata, Frederick, MD - Client Since 2019

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