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Meet a company whose sales pitch is a guarantee from start to finish with absolutely, positively, no bullshit.

No one can guarantee the outcome of credit repair, those that do are by their actions violating a federal law. Notwithstanding the scam artists, many reputable companies make their pitch an argument for excellent service and low prices. Yet none are low, all have fees and costs. New file, consultation, processing and so on.

We don't do any of those things. Our pitch is a guarantee to start with: We'll beat anyone's pricing for comparable services. This means we want you to shop around. We want you to view all the options before you begin your own journey towards a better score.

Because we stand behind our guarantee to not only meet but beat any price anywhere in the continental U.S. and its lawful territories and this is not a limited time offer rather our policy day in and day out.

Next, we do something no one else so far has done, we bundle all our in-house services and include them in each of our 3 options. If you have erroneous reporting on your consumer credit files or business credit files, we'll use our system software to electronically submit your claim.

Next, we back this up with a full money back guarantee. It's simple; credit scores take time to change. Nothing is ever quick and easy. So, we give each client a 180-day file review. If we don't affect a minimum 1 change to any clients file in at least one bureau, then we will give you back all the money paid in full. Other companies offer guarantees but deduct fees and costs, we don't. 180 days with no changes means your money back in full.

This is our pitch;a guarantee from start to finish. No gimmicks, no false promises, no unsubstantiated claims. Just smart business at an unbeatable price year-round.

Welcome to A Clean Slate Credit Consultants, where we make it easy to start over.

Are you MortgageReady?

Introducing a specialized credit repair service coded specifically for nearly ready home buying clients. Owned and operated by our consumer advocates.

For more information visit at

Our in-house software; the way to file claims quickly and efficiently. Lessen the carbon footprint and offer a turn around time of 12 hours maximum not 2 weeks minimum.

Our software isn't available in stores, it is a program written for our own use. While it doesn't have all the bells and whistles, it does allow us to create an electronic file for our clients, navigate the screening used by the top 3 credit reporting bureau's and submit a claim within 5 to 12 hours depending on our volume, resulting in both an immediate e-mail confirmation and claim number(s).

A fast turnaround means a jump start that saves our customers money and literally streamlines our operations and quite frankly changes the rules of the game in your favor. While there is no way to predict the outcome of a dispute, our multiple dispute platform allows us to not only submit on behalf of our clients but also to re-submit on a dime.

Time is money, as the old maxim goes. But usually, it's your money. Not so with us. We aren't interested in stringing anyone along with outdated business models and red tape intended to cost you more. We believe the answer lies in efficiency, smart business strategy and a commitment to quality backed up by not one but two, guarantees.

We mean business. We stand ready to serve our clients' needs and assist our affiliates reach their goals, which are really the goals of the American consumer. We've said it before and will say it again; with A Clean Slate, it's easy to start over.

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no gimmicks, no bait & switch

Packages start at $99—no joke

Credit monitoring

The Fair Isaac Corporation developed the FICO®, a scoring system that quantifies your credit worthiness, allowing for a system used to either extend or deny one credit. FICO® scores are broken down into what is owed, what is paid, a history of payments including timeliness, salary and other information. The score is reported to the top 3 credit reporting bureau's, banks, realtors, auto dealers, utility companies and anyone else who uses credit scoring to qualify a person. This actually includes some jobs and schools.

To have a favorable FICO®, arguably any score above 680 is considered excellent, one has to be on top of their finances.

Scores rise and fall during this process; the end result is what matters. And our end result is your satisfaction.

Credit repair

This is the part of the business that most clients care about, yet it seems to be the least understood. The law is very clear on what can and cannot be disputed, the rules to engage disputes, the language disputes must be made in and the proper way to conduct oneself when dealing with credit reporting bureau's, creditors or original lenders regarding debt and information in consumer credit files.

We can only initiate claims when dealing with FACTUAL incorrectly reported information's, debts, debt amounts, personal information such as names, name variations, addresses and states of residences and of course fraud or suspected fraudulent activity.

We cannot dispute FACTUAL correctly reported information. We cannot dispute or seek to remove student loans, debts with the department of education (as serviced by Sallie Mae or Freddy Mac and/or Navient*) or bankruptcies. Information that is factual is information that is correct. We cannot, by law engage in fraud or allow clients to engage us in fraud by proxy.

A Clean Slate Credit Consultants Corporation upholds and adheres to all the laws governing credit repair organizations and we require a due diligence check which must be satisfied prior to enrolling our services for credit repair.

Still, credit repair is done in parts. Many of our competitors use the postal service. It's slow which suits their purposes and secure which suits both agent and client. We do not submit by postal mail; our claims are filed electronically. Depending on our volume it can take anywhere from 5 hours and 12 hours to receive confirmation by e-mail. Only at the end of our work do we charge, never prior.

There are no processing fees, no first-time filing fees, no additional costs of any kind. You pay the amount that corresponds to you and are billed once you receive confirmation of our detailed claim filed.

As with all our packages, unlimited claimant/creditor disputes and unlimited claimant/original lender disputes are included.

A lowest price guarantee is in effect at all times for comparable services. If you were charged our monthly fee and find a lower rate for comparable services as described in our terms and conditions, we will refund you the difference and charge the lower rate for the term of the contract.

Call or e-mail us today to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable counselors. We prefer to speak with our clients as e-mail communication can be chosen later on if so desired.

Our calls are monitored for quality assurance and training purposes and also because we don't take shit from haters.

*Navient (formerly of Sallie Mae bank) is currently embroiled in a lawsuit filed by the consumer financial protection bureau (CFPB) and many clients have inquired as to their accounts with this service provider. All loans with the department of education must be paid back.  Clients and prospective clients who feel that they need greater clarification or have questions pertaining to repayment of loans with Navient or, of any legal nature, should contact an attorney as we are not qualified to assist in legal matters nor extend legal advice.

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